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  • Riverside Foundation

    We are a non-profit organization dedicated to addressing the educational needs, food insecurity, access to clean water, healthcare, shelter, and employment challenges faced by vulnerable individuals and underserved communities in Ghana.

  • What We Do

    Overcoming Poverty

    Implementing innovative and impactful programs to alleviate poverty, reduce income inequality, and promote sustainable development in Ghana. 

  • Food Banking


    Support us to overcome poverty in Ghana. You can donate by giving food, money, clothes or your time by volunteering.

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About Us


Riverside Foundation is a not-for-profit organization founded by Dr. Victor Anang and Mr. Eric Faith in 2020. Our mission is to eradicate poverty in Ghana, primarily focusing on Greater Accra Region and the Northern Region, and beyond. We aim to empower individuals, families, and communities by providing sustainable solutions, education, and resources to uplift them from poverty.

Providing the basic need for vulnerable individuals & communities.

We address immediate needs by providing food, clean water, healthcare, and shelter to vulnerable individuals and communities in Ghana.

Overcoming Poverty In Ghana

Riverside Foundation was bestowed with the esteemed award for Best SDG2 of the Year 2021/2022. 

Our Mission

Riverside Foundation’s mission is to implement innovative and impactful programs to alleviate poverty, reduce income inequality, and promote sustainable development in Ghana. 

Our Vision

To create a poverty-free society in Ghana, where individuals and communities have access to basic necessities, education, skills training, and sustainable income-generation opportunities.

We seeks to bring about long-term positive change and improve the lives of the underprivileged.

Our Programs, Initiatives & Approach

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Riverside Foundation collaborates with local farmers’ associations, agricultural organizations, government agencies, NGOs, corporate entities, and international partners to leverage resources, expertise and funding to maximize the impact of our programs.

Marketing & Outreach

Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy to raise awareness about Riverside Organization’s mission and programs.

Funding & Sustainability

Seek funding from international organizations and corporate sponsors dedicated to poverty eradication and social development.


Healthcare &

Education & Skill Development



Riverside Food Banking

Riverside food bank is a Recovery and redistribution organization in Ghana under Riverside Foundation. We implement a model called food banking. Retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, farmers and growers, partner with us to recover their edible surplus food and distribute it responsibly to provide greater access to food for vulnerable groups across our country. 


This plays a crucial role in driving economic growth, trade facilitation, and overall development. Logistics refers to the efficient management of the flow of goods, services, and information between the point of origin and the point of consumption. It involves the coordination of various activities, including transportation, inventory management, warehousing, packaging, and distribution, to ensure that products or services are delivered to customers in a timely manner.




Providing the basic needs for the vulnerable and overcoming the hunger issues in Ghana