Riverside Foundation

Our Approach

Funding and Sustainability

Funding Source

Seek funding from international organizations, philanthropic foundations, and corporate sponsors dedicated to poverty eradication and social development.

Encourage individuals and communities to donate towards our cause through fundraising campaigns and donation drives.

Establish partnerships with businesses and corporations, promoting corporate social responsibility and engaging in cause-related marketing initiatives.

Collaborate with local and national governments to secure grants, subsidies, and in-kind support for specific projects.

Marketing and Outreach

Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy to raise awareness about Riverside Organization's mission and programs.

Utilize social media platforms, websites, and traditional media channels to reach the target audience.

Collaborate with local influencers, celebrities, and community leaders to amplify our message.

Impact Measurement and Evaluation

Riverside Foundation will employ a robust monitoring and evaluation framework to measure the impact of its programs and initiatives. Key evaluation methods include:

Pre-and post-program assessments to measure changes in beneficiaries' knowledge, skills, and well-being.

Tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) to evaluate the progress and effectiveness of various projects.

Conducting surveys, interviews, and focus group discussions to gather feedback and assess community satisfaction.

Engaging external evaluators and consultants to conduct independent evaluations for impartial analysis.

Sustainability and Future

To ensure long-term sustainability and future growth, Riverside Foundation will focus on:

Establishing partnerships with local businesses and organizations to generate revenue through collaborations, shared resources, and corporate sponsorships.

Building a strong network of individual donors and supporters through continuous engagement and fostering a sense of ownership in the organization's mission.

Exploring social enterprise initiatives, such as income-generating activities and social impact investment opportunities.

Expanding our reach to other regions in Ghana and exploring opportunities for international collaborations to extend our impact beyond the Greater Accra Region.